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Learn more about our collaborative group of women behind the brand representing all shades of talent, with a passion for creativity and individuality. These women epitomize Sadie Jewellery’s philosophy.

Sadie Hodgson

Sadie Hodgson

Living close to the sea it’s hard not to be inspired. I’m a keen surfer and spend many days at the beach in and out of the sea collecting glass. I love how silver flows just like water and I like to portray that in my work. My aim is to enhance the raw beauty of the sea glass and the natural charm of the gemstones. My style is minimal, elegant and feminine with a hint of mermaid. Based in Newquay I have plenty of beaches on tap to find glass, but I do love an adventure. Cornwall has many untouched secret beaches which are incredible for beachcombing. There really is nothing better than finding a rare piece of glass, cobalt blue is my favourite and it gets very addictive! No two are ever the same and I think that’s what makes it so special. From a young age I knew that I wanted a career in the creative industry. I grew up on the south coast of Cornwall with my mum who I have to thank for encouraging me and believing in me right from the beginning. When I was 5 she bought me a “make your own jewellery” kit and from then on I haven’t stopped. I guess that was when the seed was planted.

Melodie Shakespear

Melodie Shakespear

Age: 19

Hometown: St Ives

Describe your style in 3 words: funky, different, surfy

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Travelling around Australia…hopefully!

Where is the most amazing place you have travelled to? AUSTRALIA! Its so beautiful, and Morocco too!

What is your biggest achievement so far? Probably getting given a huge motorhome with a huge picture of me surfing on it! Was pretty cool.

Any awards? A couple of art awards in school, a couple medals from surfing, and highest achiever award in college for completing all of my work “perfectly” apparently!

What are you passionate about? Surfing is a huge passion of mine, i’ve been surfing for over 4 years now and ever since I caught my first wave I have been hooked. Theres something about it that makes me so happy, the feeling of escape, being free and feeling like you’re at one with the ocean – I LOVE it!  Im also very passionate about art, I just love everything about it! I love how therapeutic it is.

Do you have any other hobbies? Art, buying plants, shopping, photography.

What is your favourite creative platform? It would definitely have to be art, whenever I feel like being creative I paint, draw, make little photo booklets and go out and take photos, i’m very lucky to live in such a beautiful place which inspires me every day to make/do something different.

Who inspires you the most? My mum is for sure my biggest inspiration- she brought me up to be who I am today single handedly and never fails to stay strong and keep going and push through whatever life throws at her. Unfortunately my mum had an accident which means she isn’t able to surf, skate, cycle or do any of the things she used to love doing but amazingly it hasn’t stopped her smiling and making sure her children are happy. She is so amazing and inspires me every day. Another person who inspires me is my gorgeous boyfriend Harry who is British champion surfer – I would not be the surfer I am today without him!

Other sponsors: Hurricane surf hardware, Up and Go breakfast drinks, Robie Robes, Lamination Surfboards, Cross Fit Belerion, Stance Socks.

Any other interesting facts about you…? I grew up travelling around Europe in a campervan with my mum and sister and also went to a school in Spain so can speak Spanish! Im allergic to kiwi and my favourite colour is pink! I’m also obsessed with Rihanna and Beyonce!

What is your favourite item of Sadie Jewellery right now? The moon (crescent) necklace!!!!!!!!!

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Chelsea Roett

Chelsea Roett

Age: 22

Hometown: Barbados

Describe your style in 3 words: Bohemian, Simple and bright

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? On the WSL world tour of surfing

Where is the most amazing place you have travelled to? I’ve traveled to a lot of really beautiful places but for sure the most beautiful place is home in Barbados.

What is your biggest achievement so far? Any awards? My biggest achievement was definitely winning the Corona Extra Pro in Puerto Rico in 2016.

What are you passionate about? Of course surfing I love being in the water ????


Do you have any other hobbies? I recently became a qualified make up artist I love doing peoples make up and seeing how excited they get once I’m finished making them up.

Who inspires you the most? My mum

Other sponsors: Reef, Oakley, Kailani Surfboards, Tonic haircare, Cashwiz Barbados, Speaqua Sound Co.

Any other interesting facts about you…? To help with my expenses to go to competitions overseas I’m actually a teacher at a montissori here in Barbados where I teach one and a half to three year olds .

What is your favourite item of Sadie Jewellery right now? In love with the sea glass rings!


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Jade Berry

Jade Berry

Age: 22

Hometown: Newquay

Describe your style in 3 words: Vintage, Sickly and Colourful

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? I would love to be solely earning money off doing what I love, which is telling stories and making images. I just want to keep growing within my practice, maybe publish my own magazine and start more filmmaking.  I would love to be working for brands, independent designers, and stay local. I can’t tell you the amount of times I have been told to move to London! But I’m not going anywhere just yet, why would I? I have the most amazing locations, friends and family that support what I do.

Where is the most amazing place you have travelled to? Barbados without a doubt, the culture, people, surf and beaches are so beautiful. Too many thing to photograph!

What is your biggest achievement so far? This is difficult, when I stop and think I can’t think of one thing. I love being published, it’s a great feeling that your work is getting acknowledged. I love working for independents, who are growing, so i can grow with them, brand them and work with our passions together.

Any awards? Yes actually! One image from my ‘Being a Girl’ series, was a finalist in the Association of Photographers Student Awards 2015. And in 2014 I won the Mercedes Curnow Grant at my End of Year exhibition showcasing my fairy tale & Wonderland collection.


What are you passionate about? Obviously as you can gather, Photography. But I am passionate about creatives, food, fashion, art, music and I LOVE dogs. I’m that annoying person who stops and strokes / plays with every dog that walks past me.

Do you have any other hobbies? I’m a lazy surfer. But I would say cooking? Does that count?

What is your favourite creative platform?  I LOVE what Native Makers are doing. Representing young, local talent. Bringing all the creativity to one space.

Who inspires you the most? David Bowie

Any other interesting facts about you…? I only really have one hair style, which is a bun on top of my head.

What is your favourite item of Sadie Jewellery right now? I really like the sea Glass pieces, as they are all so individual, especially the rare ones, like really dark blue!


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